“The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery”

-Francis Bacon

There can be found an extraordinary amount of mystery in the most ordinary things. I want to lift the veil of the obvious to reveal the enticing qualities of the overlooked. 

I find my soul growing as I craft my own world from the elusive illusion that we call reality. I try different approaches and then allow them to gestate in my mind, to see which ones continue to grow and thrive, and which ones fade into oblivion.

I am primarily inspired by the work of photographers and painters such as Ellsworth Kelly, Agnes Martin, Francis Bacon and many others. While the subject matter of my work has changed over time, it is the patterns of nature and urban scenes that continue to intrigue me the most. 

I have been connected to the Delaware Valley and NY Catskill mountains for years, I find it a stimulating environment for creativity.


Email: dana@danaduke.com

Instagram: @dana.duke.studio